Kibworth & Smeeton WI – November 2022

The WI

On 13 October our mouths watered in anticipation of Gail Wooliscroft’s demonstration of ‘Decadent Dessert’. The first was Waffle Berry Pudding, with waffles purchased at the supermarket bakery section, because frozen ones are usually made with potato, not good combined with fruit, custard and cream!

Breaking the waffles into pieces, Gail layered them in a baking dish with raspberries and coarsely chopped white chocolate. After repeating this layer, she made a custard using sugar, crème fraiche, eggs and vanilla plus a small amount of flour. The mixture was spread on top and the dessert was baked for about 35 minutes. Meanwhile Gail prepared a Strawberry Charlotte Russe, a lemon and lime crunch pie plus a creamy, zesty topping on a crushed ginger biscuit base. It was a well-planned and executed demonstration with quips and useful tips along the way and recipe sheets handed out to members. Of course ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ as they say, so we ignored the calorie counting and tucked in with cups of tea and other delicious treats provided by members.

Earlier in the month we played our first skittles match in this year’s county tournament against New Barkby at The Royal Oak in Great Glen. One of our members scored a duck first time out, but we struggled gamely on with no heating until New Barkby won the first three games. The pub, through circumstances beyond their control, were unable to provide a hot meal, but both teams contributed to a cold buffet. Kibworth won the last two games, so lost the match 2 – 3, but when the scores from all five games were added together, there was only one point in it! New Barkby were great fun to be with, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

On 27 October a small group of members spent a fun evening ten-pin bowling at the Meridian. Those who managed a strike of ten pins earned a round of applause and a cheer. Afterwards at Frankie and Benny’s we enjoyed a delicious meal and when a cake with candles appeared at the next table we joined in singing ‘Happy Birthday’! We all agreed we would like to do this again. At the beginning of November we will set up our poppies again in St Wilfrid’s church. We have also created a new display for the library garden. We hope everyone will enjoy the poppies, while remembering all that they stand for.

On 10 November we will hold our Annual Meeting, followed by a Beetle Drive and tasty refreshments prepared by the month’s hostesses. We will be ‘Discovering South American Music’ at our Christmas Meeting on 8 December at 7.30 in the Grammar School Hall.

Gail Holland and Pat Sharman