Osteopathy and its Royal Connections

It seemed the whole country paused in respect and reflection at the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, including those in the UK’s osteopathy community, which has benefitted from various royal patronages and links over the years.

Royal Patrons of Osteopathy

In 1984, the Princess Royal became Patron of the University College of Osteopathy (or, as it was known then, the British School of Osteopathy), where she holds the position of Chancellor. She has been a staunch supporter of the profession, attending every graduation ceremony since then. I had the privilege of meeting Princess Anne at my graduation. The Princess Royal asked me where I lived and I was so star struck I blurted out, “In a house!”

Princess Eugenie is a patron of the European School of Osteopathy. She has a longstanding interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, since undergoing surgery for her own scoliosis at the age of 12. 

Royal Patients

Several members of the Royal Family have had osteopathic treatment. Princess Eugenie found osteopathy was of benefit around the time of her scoliosis surgery. Osteopaths work with people pre- and post-surgery to support their health, speed their recovery, and help give them the best outcome.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a regular attendee at a London-based osteopath. She found osteopathy beneficial for a number of problems, including back pain.

Pippa Middleton, the sister of Catherine, Princess of Wales, took her baby son Arthur for treatment with a cranial osteopath. Such treatment can alleviate distress and improve sleep in infants (and their parents!)

David Beckham (football royalty!) has enjoyed the care of an osteopath. He says treatment has helped him improve his fitness and recover from injuries over the years. 

Thinking of trying osteopathy?

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Emily Coombes (B’Ost)

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