Leicester High School for Girls – October 2022

Leicester High School for Girls

We were delighted to welcome over 50 potential new LHS families to our Open Morning which took place on Saturday 1 October. It was lovely to be able to showcase all that makes Leicester High School so special.

Now that the rush of the Open Morning is over, we are looking ahead to the next steps for those families who are considering joining us next September. The next step for many will be to attend a Taster Day with us.

Our main Taster Day for those joining Year Six or Year Seven will take place on the 25 November, with other Taster Days running on an individual or small group basis throughout the year.

At LHS, we feel offering this opportunity is an important part of the admissions process for the following reasons:

It’s focused on the pupil

By attending a day in School with us, our potential pupils can get a real sense of what it will mean for them to study with us. Our Taster Days are focused on providing a fun and realistic experience of attending LHS, enabling our potential pupils to contribute to making an informed decision about their next school.

They can meet their classmates

We understand that starting a new School can be scary. Our Taster Days are just one of many opportunities we provide for the girls to meet and get to know their future classmates, before they start studying with us.

They can ask any questions they wish

We find our Taster Days enable girls to ask questions they may not have the confidence to ask at an open morning. As the day is designed around them, we provide several opportunities for them to chat informally with their peers and their teachers.

Finding a School that is the right ‘fit’ for your child can be challenging. As wonderful as open mornings are, we truly believe spending the day at their potential school is one of the most important parts of the decision-making process and I would recommend you request this, whichever school you are considering. And I would suggest you visit my truly wonderful School!

Mr Alan Whelpdale, Headmaster of Leicester High School for Girls