Fleckney Village Cricket Club

Fleckney Village Cricket Club

In 2022 we launched a Women’s Softball side and, after nearly 20 years, have relaunched a Junior side. Our 1st XI were in contention for promotion for most of the year, our 2nd XI and Midweek/Friendly sides saw a good number of youngsters take their first steps into the game. Overall 94 people played some sort of Hardball Cricket and another 29 people played some sort of Softball/Junior Cricket

A fabulous year with lots of debuts and lots of fun had by all. We cannot wait for 2023!

Stats Leaders:

1st XI – Division 7 East – 4th position

Runs: Adam Chilton (760)

Wickets: Bobby Upple (41)

Fielding Dismissals: Adam Chilton (13 catches), Matt Short (12 catches, 1 stumping)

2nd XI  – Division 9 East – 8th position

Runs: Julian Rodger (268)

Wickets: Sam Hill (14)

Fielding Dismissals: Julian Rodger (6 catches, 9 stumpings)

Friendly XI

Runs: Michael Dunkley (543)

Wickets: Scott Roberts (18)

Fielding Dismissals: Will Jennings (2 catches, 4 stumpings)

Midweek XI

Runs: Pawandeep Singh (217)

Wickets: Scott Roberts (13)

Fielding Dismissals: Pawandeep Singh (3 catches, 2 run outs)

Womens Softball:

Runs: Ruth Dye (138)

Wickets: Ruth Dye (7)

Fielding Dismissals: Ruth Dye (3 catches, 1 run out)

James Sheath