The EAT or HEAT Dilemma

I am just putting this out there for discussion and possible action.

There are many people who are or will be struggling with their budgets and the cold over this coming winter and into next spring. They will be contemplating whether to eat or heat their homes.

It occurs to me that during the course of the day there are several venues which are heated but are not fully occupied. Kibworth Grammar School Hall, Kibworth Village Hall and Smeeton Westerby Village Hall are such places.

Pop-Up Soup Kitchen

They could become for maybe two hours a week (or a day), a pop up soup kitchen. A welcoming place where people could congregate, have a bowl of warm delicious homemade soup and meet others in relative warmth. Whereas staying at home in the cold may well lead to an increase in mental health problems. There are many people in the vicinity who could prepare and serve at scale. Say 50 bowls of soup for a nominal price to pay for the rental of the venue.

Other venues which might help out could include:

All have a kitchen with a hot plate. All that is needed are the necessary soup terrines, bowls, spoons and a team of volunteers to get this self-help scheme underway. So helping to ensure in our community and that of every community, whether here in Kibworth or elsewhere, no one is allowed to go hungry. The ingredients could even be bought on a Thursday morning from Elliotts Market Stall at The Railway.

Obviously volunteers would be needed for preparing the soup & different teams would be helpful. Any Chefs out there? Helping with setting up and clearing away. Washing up teams.

Just think if this catches on. There is the capacity within Kibworth to have nutritious soup every day in one of these warm venues and meet up with people. Is it time to step forward to help our fellow neighbours through the tough times ahead?

If you think this idea is feasable please email me on

Stephen (Editor)