Kibworth & Smeeton Women’s Institute


Looking back at June, we enjoyed an excellent, well-prepared talk about ‘The Life of Marilyn Monroe’ by Julie Kinnear. Affected by her unfortunate early life, Marilyn was constantly trying to improve herself. She never felt that she was beautiful, or particularly good enough. Paradoxically, when working as a model, and later in the film industry, she was constantly exploited for her looks.

Michael Chekhov – son of renowned Russian Playwright Anton Chekhov – agreed to give Marilyn acting lessons. He commented that it was not important if she could not act – she was an aphrodisiac. But behind her stunning pictures and popular comedy scenes portraying her as a ‘dumb blonde’, hers was ultimately a sad and tragically short life.


In July we had a complete change of mood, with Reverend Canon Alan Haydock and his ‘Confessions of a Country Vicar’. He was pleased that he had opened our meeting, rather than having to wait while we conducted our usual business, but confessed that he often enjoyed the notices section.

This could be discussing the menu for a Christmas dinner to be enjoyed 8 months ahead, or some incredible activity being planned, such as skydiving! He kept us laughing for a hilarious 50 minutes without a single prompt. It was fantastic, a great tonic for us all.

On a hot day in July, some members played crazy golf at the course in Blaby. Armed with our golf balls and clubs, we split into two teams and were assigned coloured balls. The course was laid out as a jungle scene, with lots of noises from lions, monkeys and gorillas.

We were led up steep inclines, past crocodiles and snakes, through tunnels and past stones, which acted as tricky obstacles. The final hole took the ball into an abyss, never to be seen again! Of course, only one person hit a hole-in-one – Hazel, our president!

It was such good fun, and we would love to play again – but, maybe on a cooler day.


In August we enjoyed our birthday supper, which had been postponed since April and was the first since lockdown. We had a delicious meal at The Crown in Tur Langton.

Beverley and Hazel created a lovely ambience, with flowers at every table and our own WI bunting. They had also devised a fun quiz to challenge us throughout the evening. We all agreed that it was a great social event.

Our next meeting will be ‘Decadent Desserts’ with Gail Wooliscroft. Join us on 13 October at 7.30pm, Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Gail Holland and Pat Sharman