Trustee Vacancy, are you the new Treasurer?

In the recent past, via the Kibworth & District Chronicle, I have put out several messages inviting people who may wish to become a trustee of KGSH to come forward. However I thought that I should give a bit more detail about what a trustee actually does.

The short answer, is as much or as little as you like. As chair I try and meet with Kelly, our premises officer, on a weekly basis to discuss the day to day running of the hall and to deal with any issues that may crop up.

Sometimes I am asked to deal with other issues at short notice.  I was recently called by Kelly because a children’s party had left several helium balloons on the ceiling.  We couldn’t leave them there because if they drifted downwards when the hall was shut they could have set off the alarms. 

Kelly, Alison, our hall cleaner and I had an entertaining half hour trying to capture these recalcitrant balloons. 

Other trustees will take on any extra duties as and when they feel they have the time, experience and knowledge to do so. For example, I am very grateful to Lynn Williams for updating our employment contracts and many of our policies.

Monthly meetings

The trustees usually meet once a month to discuss business and plan for the future.  Obviously, a lot of our meetings have recently been spent discussing the merger with the library and the creation of a new Kibworth Community Hub, the plans are now available on the Harborough District Council planning portal.

Treasurer support required

We are currently looking for somebody to act as treasurer to join our team.The duties are not too onerous, as Kelly manages most of the day to day issues, but someone who can keep a weather eye on our finances and provide regular reports to the trustees would be very useful. 

If anyone is interested in being co-opted to the trustees, please contact me on 0116 2796389 or by email,  I am more than happy to discuss becoming a trustee over a cup of coffee.

Martyn Wyburn ,Chair KGS.