Fitness and Good Nutrition

With winter behind us and the prospect of a nice summer ahead (hopefully) we know that this is the time that a lot of people start to think about summer holidays and the shape they’d like to be in when they go.

Here at The Fitness Box we know the importance of the combination of a consistent, well-balanced training programme that is supported by a well-balanced and consistent nutrition plan.

We’ve all heard the saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” well that might not be 100% correct but if you want to maximise the efforts you are putting in in the gym then a good nutritional plan is 100% going to help achieve your desired goals. 

We all have different goals, from improved body composition to improving athletic performance, building lean muscle or weight loss. You could be feeling like you are doing everything right but not seeing the results you want – yet!

We’ve got you covered.

The Fitness Box would like to offer a FREE nutrition assessment and plan with every block booking made in May.

This will take into account your target goal, activity levels and lifestyle and the nutrition programme coupled with some great training could have you achieving your goals in no time!

This offer is available to current and new clients so please spread the word to family and friends and let us help you smash those health and fitness goals.

We run daily small group classes that are available and achievable to all fitness levels. You will be coached throughout the workout and all workouts can be adjusted to suit all ability levels. 

For more information please contact us at:

Adam Fowler