Dear Editor

Flying Rats (Starlings)

I live in the Marriott Drive area of Kibworth Harcourt and I love birds as much as anyone. However I certainly don’t encourage starlings. Can people have consideration for others?

We would love to sit in our garden but as we seem to be in the main flight path this isn’t always possible as you get covered in bird poo! Our cars, patios, garden and washing are getting absolutely covered daily! With the cost of living on the rise – and we are all trying to watch the pennies – it’s highly frustrating that I have to re-wash my washing because inconsiderate people keep encouraging the starlings in the area. I think I can safely say I’m speaking for a fair few people who feel the same.

Please could people that have bird feeders just think about what they put out? We all love seeing the little birds but certainly not these flying rats (starlings). 

Name and address withheld.