Kerry Acupuncture – What is nourishment of life?

Here is an Eastern perspective:

A rhyme of ten old men enjoying longevity.

Once upon a time, a wayfarer came across ten old men all over a hundred years of age. With earnestness and sincerity, he hastened forward for the key to their venerable age.

The first, twisting his beard, said: “I am not addicted to drinking or smoking.” The second smiling, replied: “I walk a hundred paces after a meal.” The third, nodding, answered: “I have a vegetarian diet.” The fourth, a stick in hand, said: “I have all along walked instead of riding.” The fifth, straightening his sleeves, said: “I, myself, have always taken part in physical labour.” The sixth said: “I practice tai chi every day.” The seventh, rubbing his big nose, said: “I always leave windows open to let in fresh air.” The eighth, stroking his short beard, said: “I retire early and rise early.” The ninth, caressing his red cheeks, said: “I bathe in the sun and this gives me a suntan.” The tenth, raising his eyebrows, said: “I always keep myself from worries.”

Perhaps some wise advice can be gained from old proverbs, fables and sayings?

We can all benefit from gentle outdoor exercise, avoid addictions, enjoy healthy nutrition, escape our worries and get enough sleep! If only it was that simple! Are you struggling with any of these? What is stopping you? Would you like any help to get back to good, simple health? You are welcome to get in touch with your local acupuncturist, Kerry. 

A member of the British Acupuncture Council and helping to restore health from an A to Z of illnesses. 

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Live well live long by Peter Deadman.