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Methodist Matters

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Website 2 – Good Soil

This series of material being produced by our minister, Andy Murphy, and our Growth & Nurture Support Worker, Mel Wheeler, is beginning to be placed on our website. It is suitable for use by House Groups, families, couples or individuals, whether from our church, other churches, or those with no current church connection.

The firstthree sets of material have covered Fear, Betrayal and Depression. The next three sets will deal with New Life, Forgiveness and Eternal Life.

‘Good Soil’ will be ongoing, with new material issued fortnightly. It will try to address the whole person and engage people at different levels.

Why not dip into the material and see what you think? If you feel that you would like to link up with a House Group, (daytime, evening or Zoom), to gain more benefit from Good Soil, speak to Andy and he can arrange it. Alternatively, just continue to utilise the material in your own home.  

From the Archives…

In 1915, the following letter was distributed by our then- minister to all houses in the village:

My Dear Friends

If you are not already associated with any other denomination, kindly allow me, on behalf of the members of the above church and myself, to extend to you a hearty invitation to all our services assuring you at the same time of a cordial welcome.

Yours very sincerely, G Samuel Smith  107 years later – through our column in the Kibworth Chronicle distributed to all houses

in this and the surrounding villages – the same hearty invitation holds true. 

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