Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council February

The parish council held its 3 February public monthly meeting in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Leicestershire County Council. Cllr. Feltham reported that following discussions with senior managers: The highways signage along the A6 south of Oadby has now been cleaned as part of a countywide project to clean roadside signs, district by district.

Inclusive Equipment for the play area

Joint Recreation Board. Applications for developer contributions (s106) are being prepared for some inclusive equipment on the play area at Smeeton Road, also to clear and renovate the pond in Rookery Park. A specialist in hedge laying is booked to start work on a section of the boundary hedge along the southern side of Warwick Park before the end of February.

Joint Burial Board. The Lychgate architectural survey was carried out on 2 February, and we await the report. His principal concern was the height of the tarmac surrounding the building meaning damp was being drawn up into the floor brickwork. He advised that creating a channel with gravel would resolve the problem.

Council agreed to a 3% increase in the A6 and Jubilee Green annual mowing contract. All financial statements, reconciliations, summaries, and shared costs with KBPC were approved.

21/01835/FUL 39 Church Road –The materials and wall design should be in keeping with the local heritage and conservation Neighbourhood Plan policy H4. Instead of a sudden difference in wall heights between the Harborough Road and Church Road sections, the wall height should gradually change to link the different heights; therefore, the council continues to object.

No Fee for street party road closure

There were further discussions on options for celebrating the Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 and the fees for road closures for street parties will be waived provided suitable applications are made to the county council by 15 April.

The recent changes in the bus timetables making them hourly instead of half-hourly for the Arriva X3 and Stagecoach X7 services were discussed. Neil O’Brien MP, Cllr Feltham and DCllr King met recently with Arriva and an additional service into Leicester (X31) was subsequently introduced for the morning peak. Stagecoach has claimed their change is temporary and caused by a shortage of drivers.

The next public meeting is on 3 March in the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Your Council NEEDS YOU!

The parish council still has a vacancy for a councillor to be co-opted. If anybody is interested in being considered, please contact the Clerk to find out more. Our monthly meetings are open to the public to come along to meet councillors and see what we do.

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If you would like to get involved and let us know of any community news, or up and coming events, then please contact the Clerk.

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