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Here at Kibworth Creatives Choir HQ we have been discussing how great our first rehearsal of the year was! The buzz of coming back together after the Christmas break was brilliant.

It was clear that we all missed singing together even in the few weeks we had off! It’s no surprise that singing collectively can massively improve our mental health.

The second week in February is Children’s Mental Health Week. From 7th – 11th February. With that in mind, please check out below our ’5 Reasons Why it’s Great to Join a Choir!’.

If you are interested in how the choir can help with your child’s wellbeing and self–esteem. Please contact Helen on about joining the Kibworth Creatives Choir for children aged 8-11. We rehearse every Thursday, 3.40pm-4.30pm at Kibworth Grammar School Hall and have a couple of spaces left for this term!

Five Reasons Why it’s Great to Join a Choir!

  • Promotes Well-being and improves mood

Singing releases endorphins which reduce anxiety levels and contributes to a positive mental state. It also motivates and empowers. When a group sing together, they feel an increased sense of community, belonging and a shared endeavour. The joint sense of purpose created by coming together in harmony as a group boosts mood and overall wellbeing.

  • Improves Interpersonal skills and self-esteem

Making the time to socialise and meet new people is incredibly important. The regular commitment of choir rehearsals, and the camaraderie it brings, is a great way to do this! Performing as part a group helps you to overcome nerves and build confidence in your own abilities.

  • Improves physical fitness

There are plenty of physical benefits to singing regularly. Singing boosts the amount of oxygen in the blood, It increases energy levels, mental alertness and works out a range of muscles in the upper body. A joint study between Harvard and Yale in 2008 showed that regular singing can even increase life expectancy and lower blood pressure. Singing also improves breathing and boosts the immune system. It increases lung capacity and improves posture.

  • Encourages creativity

Everyone should have a chance to cultivate their creative side. Group singing can be a great way to express yourself artistically. Sharing this interest with likeminded people is also really fun and motivates you to challenge yourself.

  • Improves Listening skills, teamwork and resilience

Listening carefully is a huge part of the learning process during rehearsals. Working together towards a shared goal develops teamwork skills. Resilience and commitment to rehearse is also key. Practising something over and over. Taking on feedback and making improvements is something that happens constantly during our choir rehearsals.

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