Fleckney Spinners Table Tennis Club

It’s been another fruitful month for the club with three new members joining us (thank you, Kibworth Chronicle.) Club members continue to enjoy the club nights as well as regular open sessions on Thursday mornings from 9.30-11am at Fleckney Sports Centre (18 years and over).

Our four teams have made a good fist of the first half of the Leicester League, playing in Divisions 4 and 5 against some very experienced veterans.

There was a notable victory for Jan Nix, Jan Green and Dillon Kearney against the Winstanley Wizards fifth team while Jacob Hall, Dillon and Jan Nix from our third team, scored a victory against Regent Sports’ third team.

Tony Burns, Pete Wilson and Mike Miles were successful against the Wizards’ fourth team and Desford Village’s fourth team. 

Steve Reeve made short work of two members of the Nomads’ third team and scored a hard-won victory over one of the Winstanley Wizards’ fourth team.

Bob Palmer and Rob Bateman, of our first team, saw off the Wizards’ third team, while Bob and Rob as well as Nick Wyche had no trouble against Regents Sports’ second team.

James Robertson with Steve, Bob and Rob won against Nomad’s first team. Brothers Drew and Callum Harbidge enjoyed their first outing to Knighton Park, while Andy Haddon had his first victory against one of the Syston club members.

Teams are eagerly looking forward to the second half of the season, which began on Monday 10 January, and anyone who wishes to watch some League play can come along to the Sports Centre on a Monday or Wednesday evening 7.15 – 9.15pm.

When there are no matches on a Monday or Wednesday evening, we have club nights. These have been very popular, well-attended and will be well-ventilated! The next three Club Nights are on, 14 and 16 February, and 30 March and any Monday or Wednesday in between, if League matches are cancelled. Please contact us about any changes to these arrangements.

For more information contact Miriam Wohl (07890 950087)