u3a Donates to EMICS

Dr Tim Gray treated Kibworth & District u3a members to a fascinating talk at the November Third Tuesday Social.

Tim explained how the East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme (EMICS), run entirely by volunteers, works as a team with the ambulance services and police to give pre A&E care to victims of collisions and other emergencies that in many cases saved lives before the patients got to hospital.

He told us how, when on arrival at an incident, they use their experience to ‘read’ situations so enabling them to make rapid life-saving decisions.

Tim showed us some graphics pictures of crashed vehicles and a disturbing image of one poor youth that, having climbed a ladder to clean a factory wall, jumped down and landed onto his broom handlDescription: Imagee that was sticking up like a stake. The handle, in effect became a 25mm diameter ‘splinter’ that had penetrated his skin, about half of the handle’s length. Thanks to the efforts of the EMICS, amongst others, the lad was able to leave hospital later that day.

Members donated £200.11 to the charity and Tim conveyed his appreciation.

Kibworth & District u3a is part of a national network of retired and semi-retired people who want to maintain an active physical and mental lifestyle – through lifelong learning, keeping fit and socialising.

On Tuesday 18 January Bruce White will talk about his project to record 200 different bird tweets in a calendar year. Venue is Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

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