Speed checks – Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police

Speed checks were recently carried out in Great Glen to check compliance with speed limits in the area. Some road markings are worn and branches cover speed limit signs. However the speed limit is 30mph if there are street lights and no signs. Several road users stated that they believed London Road was a 40mph zone, despite it being a 30mph zone.

The A6 from Great Glen to Kibworth is still an issue some use the dual carriageway as a race track. The highest speed we recorded was 108mph, nearly 40mph above the speed limit. We are now at that tImageime of the year where we may see snow and icy roads, so speeding to that extent is a huge worry. We would urge drivers to be responsible, stay within the speed limit and drive according to the conditions.

Please be aware that there have been a number of reported burglaries in Great Glen between late October and mid-November whereby it appears suspects have targeted addresses knowing occupants were away. There have also been some recent break-ins to unoccupied new build houses around the Great Glen and Fleckney areas. We would ask residents to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police.