New Benches in Warwick Park?

Kibworth Harcourt & Beauchamp Parish Councils

New Benches in Warwick Park or Smeeton Westerby?

Our Kibworth Parish Councils Consultation Event in September focused on:

In addition, a questionnaire complemented this event event. The consultation included Design ideas put forward for enhancing our local five park areas.

Open Spaces

New Benches Smeeton Westerby. Photo of Smeeton Westerby Recreation Play Area.
Smeeton Westerby Recreation Play Area

Arising from this consultation event, a garden/seating area has been proposed as a leisure area in Smeeton Road Recreation Ground.

However, some felt this proposal would reduce the open space which many, young people in particular, use for physical activities.


There appears to be a growing desire for seats and benches to be provided within our community including amongst open spaces. An option might be to provide several benches on the right-hand side of the path from the brick bridge towards the primary school.

The benches could be situated by the hedge, and in pairs close to the lamp posts so as to maximise illumination. Shoppers could stop on their way home and pass the time of day with other pedestrians.

Mums and dads could stop by to/from school and watch their children using the apparatus park and recreation area. Between each pair of benches a raised sensory bed could enhance this much used pathway. Of course, raised sensory beds wouldn’t have any adverse effect on what is already available in the park.

Further Feedback

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