Miracle Ramblings – December 2021

Duggie's Ramblings

Duggie’s Ramblings

It is the time of year when miracles are at the top, or near top, of people’s minds. A miracle is something that happens, which as yet, cannot be explained in a convincing way. Over 100years ago people rushed into the streets when a plane flew over – the miracle of flight! There is a daily miracle close to home, on our doorstep; the men and women who choose to spend their lives working in the Health Services. Their lives are devoted to ensuring recuperation, the relief of pain and the return to full health of their fellow human beings. Further study is required throughout their careers, whatever speciality is chosen.  Why do these men and women choose this demanding career? Many, not all, are from a home or school with religious values that motivate them to carry their beliefs into their work. Without their decision and subsequent contribution, our health service would be drastically short of much needed staff.

Refugee Miracles

Another miracle is the distance travelled by refugees with the sole purpose of reaching this country. Two young men, maybe late teenagers, told me of their journey from Sudan (not South) via North Africa, Italy and France to reach Leicester. They had mobile phones to communicate with their families in Sudan. These are people, fellow human beings, as are those involved in the recent tragedy in the English Channel. One young man came to earn money in order to pay for his sister’s medical treatment, another, a bride hoping for a surprise meeting with her husband.

The truth has been concealed by our government engaging in anti- French political grandstanding and public squabbling. Behind the scenes the cooperation between the French and British is good. Now that is a miracle!!

Manchester Miracles

Last year we accepted 30,000 asylum seekers to France’s 150,000. The benefits are higher there than in the UK. The Home Office has approved over 75% of applications for asylum and over 85% of applications from Syrians and Eritreans fleeing persecution. These are not people ‘chancing’ it in another country.

The truth has also suffered from the myth that the people of these islands are hostile to strangers. Really! The people of Manchester provided shoes and clothing for those fellow humans arriving from Afghanistan with only the clothes they stood up in. For the Afghans that was a miracle.

Kibworth and surrounding villages? Open Hands, a Christian charity in Leicester, has received and is redistributing to asylum seekers, clothes and shoes suitable for all ages, thanks, in part to the donations from the local village people.

A young man about to complete his degree in Chemistry appeared on a quiz show on TV recently. Was he looking for a job in medicine? No, the Civil Service. He gave all the wrong answers to the questions. He should find the doors wide open for him!