Good news for Christmas – What COP26 Achieved

The good news about COP26 is that we’re on the way to reaching a safer limit to global warming. We still need to speed up and give far more help to the poorer nations suffering the worst effects of climate change and the pandemic. So not exactly a COP out! The countries have agreed to meet again next year in Egypt to get closer to the target temperature. 

See ‘The Climate Coalition’ website for their suggestion about what we can each do next on the national scale, via our own MPs. MPs do listen. 

Another piece of positive news is that Harborough District Council (HDC) will have published their Climate Emergency Action Plan at the beginning of this month giving an insight into what action they have taken so far and what they are hoping to achieve.


The Climate Emergency Action Plan will be presented to Full Council on 13 December.  It could be a starting point for us all.

Which just leaves us, and how we plan to reduce our own carbon footprints. What can one person or one family do?  A lot, when we start looking at what causes carbon in the atmosphere and where we have power, such as where we bank and where our pension providers invest. Look through Richard Curtis’ ‘Make my Money Matter’ campaign for example. Don’t give up!

Wishing you a very happy and Green Christmas!

Julie Fagan

Eco Church Member and Volunteer

Sustainable Harborough Community