Betty Ward Plaque

Betty Ward - Raise Glass, Kibworth Grammar School logo

Celebrating Betty Ward

Raising a Glass

On Thursday 18 November, Kibworth Grammar School Hall Trustees and executors of Betty Ward’s estate came together to celebrate & raise a glass in her name.

Betty had been both a pupil at the Hall and latterly one of its trustees.

Betty Ward - Raise Glass, The Grammar School Hall photo

In her will she left a substantial bequest for the Hall.

We were able to buy new curtains for the stage and main hall as well as a new computer.


We were also pleased to unveil a plaque in her memory. So Betty’s contribution to the Hall and village life can be remembered for many years to come.

The words on the plaque were written by the much missed Wayne Coleman. Wayne also made such a valuable contribution to our village.

Martyn Wyburn

Chair of Kibworth Grammar School Hall Trustees

Memories of Kibworth’s Schools in the 1920s and 1930s by Betty Ward