Kibworth Windmill Update

Restoration work on the Kibworth Windmill has continued throughout the last month despite some heavy rain and strong winds. Most of the work to repair the bottom of the main post has been completed. Work has started on parts of the upper levels. New sails and steps are being made at the Bristol workshop of the millwrights, Dorothea Restorations. They will not be brought to Kibworth until all the other work has been completed.

The mill is very old and has been repairedĀ at various times. The opportunity has arisen while the scaffolding is in position and it is possible to reach parts of the wood not normally visible to learn more about the age of the mill. A full dendrographic survey is being undertaken which it is hoped will establish the age of various parts of the mill. The photos show Martin Bridge drilling into the main post and the core sample he obtained that will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Similar samples from other parts of the mill will also be sent for analysis.

Visitors are welcome to visit the mill on Wednesday mornings to see what is going on. For details, email

David Holmes