Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council

The parish council held its monthly public meeting on 26 October in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

The public participation involved three members of the Scouts/Guides declaring interest in the site off Robin Drive that had outline planning permission for a community building. In support of their need for additional facilities, they explained about the long waiting lists, plans to start an Explorer and Squirrels groups.

One Vacancy remains

There is now one Councillor vacancy after Helen Sibson recently joined the council.

All financial payments and statements were approved. The external audit has been completed and relevant annual notices put on the noticeboard and website. The draft budget for 2022/23 will be discussed at the November meeting and a special meeting to confirm the precept will be held on 11 January 2022.

The clerk reported that there is ongoing work with the council’s solicitor to confirm and provide evidence that the eastern hedge of Warwick Park that is behind Dairy Way houses has never been the parish councils’ responsibility.

Christmas Market and Food Fair for December

The clerk continues to meet with the contractor organising the 8 December Christmas Market and Food Fair event (6-9pm).

The clerk continues to work with HDC on extending the current CCTV network into Warwick Park. The bid for £2,500 from the Safer Streets Violence Against Women & Girls fund has been successful.

HDC have confirmed that the boundary changes order officially moving all Kibworth Meadows estate addresses into Kibworth Harcourt parish will take effect from 1 April 2022. This includes all Longbreach and Bush Road properties and those along the southern side of Barnards Way between Warwick Park and the railway bridge on Warwick Road.

A preliminary discussion about the Consultation event on Sunday 26 September took place. The closing date for online responses was 31 October. A group of councillors had met to discuss possible uses for the land at the end of Robin Drive including use by the Scouts/Guides. David Wilson Homes will be approached for further discussions.

Neighbourhood Plan Review

Cllr Feltham updated the council on the Regulation 14 stage of the Neighbourhood Plan Review. This is a minimum 6-week consultation with the community and statutory stakeholders. After this the draft Plan and appendices will be made available on both parish websites and a paper copy be put in the parish office. This consultation will start in mid-November and finish by the end of December.

Discussions on three planning applications took place. 21/01742/TPO – Works to trees (HDC TPO 141), 15 Elliot Close – No comment.

21/01606/FUL – Proposed installation of a gas-fired peak power generation plant, Moss Farm Fleckney Road. Council agreed to support because it meets a recognised need by the existing sub-station. Screening will be provided.

21/01761/TCA – Works to trees (fell), 10 Ridley Lane. Council agreed to object because of its importance to the green aspect of neighbouring streets.

Members Highways Fund Cllr Feltham said the fund could also be used towards the testing of the lampposts for the proposed new CCTV system.

DCllr Whelband said that HDC will be launching a public consultation later this year to get feedback on what facilities residents would like to see at the existing leisure centres

Antisocial behaviour in Kibworth Parks – Council was updated on the burnt and destroyed picnic table (see last month’s Chronicle) and benches. DCllr Whelband said the police were following leads and are hopeful the perpetrators will be found. A replacement would cost £1,202.87 + VAT. The Joint Rec Board will discuss options. Signs are being placed at playground entrances for “No Glass Beyond This Point”

Free activity for youngsters

The free activity sessions run by Fiesta Sports Coaching started on 26 October. There was a good turnout for the 7-11 year group but nobody attended the 12-16 year group.

The Chairman introduced Council to a possible rebirth of a Kibworth High School Foundation Trust with local Trustees.  Legal options are under discussion with the county council.

Our next monthly public meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday 23 November. It will be in the Kibworth Grammar School Hall. There will be discussions about live streaming of parish council meetings and whether additional groundwork resource is required.

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