Editorial: Bits and Pieces

I came across the Kibworth & District Chronicle some 15 years ago. At that time, a very dear friend would disappear once a month for part of the weekend.

She was off ‘Laying Up.’ I have to admit I paid little to no attention, to the detail of what went on. All I knew was that there was a magazine involved. And they got together to put all the bits and pieces together for the printers.

Some years later, on our return to the Kibworth area, I had more time on my hands. Same dear friend wanted to know what I would be doing with my time. Usual gardening, housekeeping, travelling did not deter her.

“ No, no! What will you be ‘doing’?”

Getting Involved

The following weekend I disappeared to the Village Hall, for a very short part of the weekend. And we got together to put all the bits and pieces together for the printers.

There was then a period of time, we all know about, when getting together, even in the Village Hall, was curtailed. Nonetheless, during this time the Kibworth & District Chronicle continued to be produced, printed and delivered with much success.

It was during this time that I stepped in and up skilled my computer literacy. Although I say it myself, I really am improving.

Even though I haven’t met many of the Chronicle team players, I have been in the background learning as I go. We receive articles from the editor, proof read them, & send them back. Then, as we are no longer curtailed, off to the Village Hall to put together for Willday & Son, printers.

We happen to live within the ‘& District’ area. So, we receive the paper copy of the magazine. With over 200 volunteers it really is a community event getting articles, ideas and adverts altogether.

Kibworth Chronicle Online

Being unable to access my paper copy I recently requested a scanned copy of the magazine and was delighted with the prompt reply. To access an online edition search kibworthchronicle.com, open the contents tab, log onto Advertise With Us and voila!

This is what happens to all the bits and pieces after they’ve been to the printers!

I endeavour to continue to improve my computer skills as we take this community magazine from its invaluable paper copy to a wider audience using online facilities.

Whether you log on to view the digitized copies of the past 40 years or this last month, enjoy your reading. Please continue to contribute to our editorials where you can.

And, if you feel you have a short time on a weekend, come help us in the Village Hall to get bits and pieces ready for the printers!

Karen Wanliss

Online Coordinator