Greetings! And welcome back to the Chronicle season for 2021-22.

Hopefully, you have all had an opportunity to return to those routines of old; seeing friends, family and loved ones and let’s not forget holidays.

You will recall that David Holmes recently retired from his role at the Chronicle as Secretary. He is a keen and highly regarded historian. He wanted to devote more time to the ongoing developments to the Kibworth Harcourt Windmill.  David has promised to keep us informed of progress, so do look out for future articles and photos.

I had responded to an advert earlier in the summer. As a result, the management team kindly agreed for me to take on the role as Secretary. I am currently in a similar position at a college in Northamptonshire. One thing that is similar, whether it is the Chronicle or a college, is the need for regular meetings. Our first face-to-face meeting was held earlier in the month. No longer will we have to be concerned with our microphones being on or off. Or suffer the technical problems associated with the various online platforms we use, a great relief for all of us.

Finally, I cannot end this piece without drawing your attention to the forthcoming annual general meeting. It will be held on the 4 October at 6pm.

Take care and stay safe.

Geraldine (Secretary)