Getting into Shape

Interested in getting into shape, being more healthy & more active!

Two in three UK adults found it more difficult to manage their weight during the coronavirus pandemic.

Slimming World’s health and well being study 2020.
  • 33% were eating more sugary foods
  • 41% said their mood had been negatively affected due to living in lockdown
  • 39% said they had been less active
  • 17% admitted drinking more alcohol
  • 22% of people were eating less fruit and vegetables
  • 17% were consuming more fatty foods

Loosing Weight with Slimming World

Getting into Shape, Nicky Rockett

We have been through really testing times. It’s been really normal to feel stressed and anxious. Usual healthy habits like eating well and keeping active have slipped a little.

I know myself I’ve had days when it’s felt really difficult to stay motivated. But that’s completely ok, we’re all only human!

Nicky Rockett, Slimming World’s local expert

Nicky says that peer support is key to adopting a healthier lifestyle and successful weight loss. Support from being in a warm empowering group environment helps members eat more healthily & get more active. With the right support members can lose weight and keep it off, and live happier healthier lives forever.

Real-Life Success Stories

Getting into Shape, Emily Archer

I have so much more energy and love being able to buy new summer clothes 4 dress sizes smaller!

Emily Archer

Emily Archer lives in Kibworth and attends the Fleckney Evening Group. She has lost an incredible 4 stone 5 pounds and achieved her dream weight in September 2020. One of the key things that keeps her on track is attending her Slimming World Group. Exchanging food tips and recipes with members is great. & following the food optimising plan allows you to eat so much food without feeling hungry.

Slimming World has the perfect balance of years of experience, being innovative and having experts in behavioural change. Nicky knows this as she achieved her target weight losing 2.5 stone as a member. At the time of her amazing weight loss, Nicky was working as a Public Health Nurse. So impressed with Slimming World’s food optimising plan she decided to get more involved. Nicky took on the role of Slimming World Consultant. As a local Kibworth resident Nicky feels she is supporting her local community to live happy, healthier lives.

Local Slimming World Groups

Nicky runs her Slimming World Groups on:

  • Tuesday mornings at Kibworth Bowling Club
  • Tuesday evening at Fleckney Baptist Church Hall

For more information please call Nicky on Tel:07799766501

Nicky Rockett