Tur Langton Village Hall

Driving along Main Street Tur Langton over the last year you may have spotted that Tur Langton Village Hall has emerged from the undergrowth and had a facelift.

Sometimes due to reasons beyond our control important community buildings fall into disrepair. Tur Langton Village Hall was one such casualty. After years of work by a dedicated group of villagers, a plan was hatched.

The Project

The success of the project depended on our community supporting an application by Tur Langton Parish Council for a loan from the Public Works Loan Board. A consultation was held, resulting in a high level of support for the project. The loan was successful.

The hall’s structure is the same, but with a few 1970’s traces. Fully insulted roof, walls and floors, thanks to a grant from LCC Shires Climate Change Grant. for insulation. A new main access with a fabulous new door, thanks to Harborough District Council. The kitchen was remodelled thanks to Great Bowden Village Hall. Thanks to a donation of their kitchen units. Toilet facilities have been upgraded. A brand new air conditioning system provides heat in the winter and cool conditions in the summer.

In spite of all the difficulties of the last year, we are ready and open for business.

The project has been a challenge. This achievement would not have been possible without hours spent by volunteers doing painting, carpentry and gardening.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all. We look forward to a celebrating in the not too distant future.


If you are interested in booking our hall, please use the contact form on the Village Hall tab on The Tur Langton Parish Council’s website www.turlangton-pc.org.uk. Please note we are not taking any new regular bookings at the moment, but individual dates or one off sessions are still available.

Tessa Bladon