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It’s great to be back.

After nearly three months of being in lockdown, Kibworth Tennis Club is open again.Tennis was able to start again on 29 March. A lot has been happening since the restart.

We were on BBC Radio Leicester!

BBC Radio Leicester asked Kibworth Tennis Club if they wanted to take part in a small feature on Monday 29 March to talk about tennis restarting. Naturally we said yes. Several members of the club were at the club at 8.15am with the BBC Radio Leicester reporter, Helen McCarthy, to answer questions. The feature was aired live on the radio so we had our five minutes of fame with a local radio!

Everyone back and playing again.

Now the club is open again, it was great to see everybody back, from children aged three through to adults in their 80s.   All of the weekly tennis coaching sessions and club sessions started. It has thus been a busy time at the club with over 375 kids/adults playing! The photos show children from one of the mini tennis coaching sessions and adults from one of the weekly club sessions.

Playing in all weathers.

Within the first two weeks of Kibworth Tennis Club being open again, and of restarting tennis we have played in all weathers ranging from snowstorms to sunshine!

Walking Tennis Open Day

Walking Tennis is a fun and exciting new way of playing tennis for older or less mobile people. An Open Day was run at the club, in partnership with U3A, on Tuesday 13th April. 16 people turned up to have a go. They had a great time as they were able to rally and play games because of the slower ball and slightly different rules. .

We will be running a six week coaching session for people who want to learn how to play Walking Tennis. For further details please contact Paul Bradfield on 07753 862436.

U3A also run a weekly tennis session at Kibworth Tennis Club on a Tuesday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm. If you want to join in this session please contact Malcolm Lever Jones on 07834 455381.