♦ How we Kibworth Chronicle readers  can help save our beautiful planet.

David Ramsden MBE and Barn Owl Trust UK

Huge sums of money are spent by the main oil  companies on anti-climate lobbying policies.  This was one of the facts that David Ramsden  MBE, speaker at the February U3A meeting,  told us. (He is head of conservation at the Barn Owl Trust UK, working to improve the survival of barn owls, one of the many species  threatened with extinction worldwide.)  David explained why we face a climate crisis  and why we need to be worried. Sadly we are  way outside what can be achieved in reducing  our carbon footprint to reach a target of no more than 1.5 degrees C in the next decade.

What can we do?

  What can we do? Reducing our own individual carbon footprint seems a tiny drop in a  huge ocean. But lots is happening worldwide  and there is strength in numbers. One action to  consider is to become a member of the recently  formed Sustainable Harborough (and Dis trict) Community. www.sustainableharboroughcommunity.co.uk It is an umbrella organ isation for our many local green groups (be coming Friends), and individuals, (becoming  Members).  

We have started interacting with our MP and  Harborough District Council Climate Action  Group, aiming to help and support them. We  are also members of the national Climate  


Coalition, Climate Action Leicester and  Leicestershire (CALL) and Friends of the Earth  local climate action groups to help us. We also  contributed to the national Climate Coalition’s  campaign to Show the Love last month.  We have a Green Directory on the website,  our local guide to businesses and organisations  offering green options in the Harborough Dis trict. So far there are over 40 and if you run  one please join the directory. An application  form is on the website. 

 Recognising how very busy you may be,  please be assured that although groups as  Friends and individuals as members would be  very welcome in becoming actively involved,  completing the application forms on the web site alone would be a great support. There is  no cost involved.  

 If you would like further information  please feel free to contact me, Julie Fagan,  committee member, also Eco Church member.  faganjulie@yahoo.co.uk 07985 780 204   To measure your carbon foot print, a simple website to use is www.footprint.wwf.org.uk