‘Safer People Safer Places.'(Article 1 in a series)

Hello Everyone! Over the coming months I will be writing articles to you from YOUR local Fire Station here at Kibworth Fire and Rescue Station. I will be giving an update on recent incidents, providing information about how your local station operates, introducing you to the crew as well as providing community safety information and opportunities.

Watch Manager.

So, it seems right that I start by introducing myself. My name is Jamie Dawes. I am Watch Manager at Leicester City’s Eastern Station on Blue Watch also working at Kibworth Station, ‘On-call’. I have been part of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) for a little over 14 years and have served at Wigston, Eastern, Central, Melton and Kibworth Fire Stations.

Kibworth Station.

I joined Kibworth station three years ago, this was my first posting at an, ‘On-call’ station. Living in Kibworth myself, I enjoy working within my local community. I am passionate about pushing Kibworth Station forward to ensure that you have the best possible fire cover that we can provide.


What does, ‘On-call’ mean? The dedication of the team we have built at Kibworth Station is something that continues to inspire me. We currently have a crew of 14 Firefighters, who all live within five minutes of the station. Our crew all have primary jobs in addition to their Firefighter role, which include landscaping, gas engineering and care work. When there is an emergency we respond via pagers, grab our fire kit, jump on the fire appliance and off we go! This call can happen at all hours. At five minutes, from bed to blue lights, we have one of the quickest,‘On-call’ turnout times in the county.

Welfare Unit.

The crews at Kibworth also respond on the counties only Welfare Unit. This unit attends larger, more protracted incidents to look after the welfare needs of the attending crews. In addition to response, we also train hard to maintain our skills and complete community safety and prevention work within the local community. Ultimately working towards LFRS’ purpose of achieving ‘Safer People, Safer Places.’

A variety of call outs!

Recently we have attended a fire on a thatched roof, a road traffic collision involving 2 x LGV’s and, only this afternoon, a collision on the A6. Thankfully, all incidents were resolved swiftly with minimal damage or minor injury.

Like to be involved?

If you are reading this thinking, ‘I like the sound of that.’ Or, ‘I know someone that might be interested.’ Great! Kibworth Station will be recruiting again soon. So, look out for an upcoming article about recruitment.

That’s it for this month from me. I look forward to catching up with you next time, introducing Crew Manager Smith and talking Home Safety Checks and free smoke detectors. 

Stay Safe!

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James Dawes.