Kibworth Theatre Company.


Latest News.

With signs that life might return to some degree of normality over the coming year, KTC is looking toward and considering its future, including getting back onto the stage, probably towards the end of the  year.

No Vicar of Dibley.

However, sadly, this won’t be with our eagerly awaited  production of The Vicar of Dibley. As this was going to be   quite an ambitious production, the committee have decided that  we need to return with something on a slightly smaller scale  which will give members the chance to re-group and get used to performing once  again. It is also possible, that after so long away, there will be a need to re-cast some  of the parts as not all of the original cast may still be available.  

A decision soon.

We will be making a decision as to what this production will be over the next couple  of months, and we will probably have some news for you in the May edition of The  Chronicle. One idea is that we do a show in the style of our recent Crying, Laughing,  Loving, Lying which was a look at love and marriage through songs, sketches and  poems, but this time on the theme of Christmas. Another option is a version of the  Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, which can be staged utilising a small cast.  

In the meantime, KTC will be holding their AGM, via zoom, at 7.30, Tuesday 13th  April. If anyone would like to join us, please contact me on 07914264965.  

Martyn Wyburn