An act of kindness

Dear Editor,

It was the snowiest day of the year. 23cm of snow lay on surfaces and I donned my wellingtons for the first time in 20 years, worn, but still waterproof with a good grip. I plodded up to the paper shop only to find it closed with no lights on. At the same time a car drew up. The driver offered me a lift to the Co-op as it was the nearest shop to be open and to sell daily papers. Both the driver and I wanted the same thing. I accepted the lift with some relief as I didn’t plan to return empty handed. The door of the car
was frozen shut but with a struggle I got it open.

We had both forgotten our face masks but the Co-op provided us, free, with one each. The driver waited for me and gave me a lift three-quarters of the way back. I live in Morrison Court and didn’t want the driver to become struck, so I walked along Home Close clutching the papers, one for me and two for other people. I thanked the driver. This was an act of kindness that will live in my memory for a long time.