Wine Note (January 2021)

 2016/17 Tesco Finest * Mercurey (Tesco £14.00) 

I’ve just received an offer of Burgundies from the 2019 vintage. At the top end, there’s a bottle of Richebourg for just £600 – plus duty at £2.23 – plus VAT. Even at that price, there won’t be enough to go round – the production is tiny.

At the bottom end, you can have a 6-bottle case of Mercurey at £27 per bottle. Neither wine will be in your hands until 2022 and then you’re advised to lay both down for years.

Alternatively, for just £14.00 (and often for £10.50 when Tesco have wine at 25% off) you could buy this bottle instead and drink it now. That sounds like a bargain to me.

It’s from Southern Burgundy, away from the famous and expensive names; that’s why it’s such good value.

It’s made by the old established but now rather out of the limelight firm of Bouchard Ainé et Fils. That’s another indicator of value for money.

The wine has lots of red fruit but also that hint of farmyard/earthiness that makes good Burgundy such an interesting drink. 

Go on; you’re not spending money in the shops, spoil yourself.

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John Freeland  (u3a Wine Tasting Group)