Twenty’s Plenty.

Sad looking twenty`s plenty signs

Still out there — what a mess!

How soon or long before they go

Is anybody’s guess.

It makes a mockery, I feel,

Midst conservation jewels

To have them hanging so forlorn;

Negates protection rules.

And just in case they are removed

While Chronicle goes to press

Rejoice indeed! – For certainly

They really looked a mess –

But then – just wait – if fresh ones come

As large as those before –

The Square and High Street freshly dressed

With windblown cards galore!

Ah well – cheer up -The jetty hedges

Still not cut – – – I thought

A winter trim would take less time

With no leaves, — growth is short.

But good news? In six hundred years

Of Kibworth schools there`s more

Amazing benefits coming froAcademies galore???

Roger Garratt

To quote, if I may, a regular correspondent to the Chronicle letters’ page – the late Jim “Bud” Stevens -“Keeping smiling”.