P O W enquiry

Prisoner of War Enquiry.

During my Photography Master’s Degree I started a large research project that tried to locate and photograph WWII Prisoner of War Camps as they are today.

My research and images are documented on my website: repatriatedlandscape.org

A site in Kibworth.

Kibworth was the home to a small Sterlite / Hostel PoW Site under the control of PoW Camp 94 Gaulby Road, Billesdon.

Whilst the locations of the main camps is difficult to find in many cases the smaller Hostels are almost impossible as the government document simply lists the town or village where they were.

150 PoWs—quite a large site.

What I do know was that the Kibworth site was based in huts, was 10 miles from the main camp and in September 1947 it housed 150 PoWs.

Assuming 16 to a hut I would expect there to have been around 10 Nissen Huts OR 10 concrete Maycrete Huts as such it’s quite a large site.

I would be grateful if you have any information about the camp and or put a request for information in your paper.

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