Kibworth Theatre Co.

Seven years ago, my husband and I decided to make the move from the hustle and bustle of London to Leicestershire to be near family. We had no idea where to move to, so after many Saturday and Sundays driving around the Leicestershire countryside, we settled on Kibworth – a decision that we will never regret!

Keen to throw myself into village life and meet some of the beautiful people of Kibworth, I set about exploring my options. Many moons ago I had worked back stage at local gang shows so I thought ‘that’s it’ I’ll get in touch with the local theatre group and see if I can help out back stage. I contacted Martyn Wyburn and was invited to the upcoming Kibworth Theatre Company’s AGM.


Nervously, I entered the hall, not knowing what to expect, but all my reservations were soon relieved by the warm welcome that I received. What a friendly bunch they are! Whilst my offers to help back stage were somewhat considered, I soon found myself being cast for a small part in ‘Allo Allo’! Well that was it, I had the bug and was hooked. Cut to 2019 where I am cast as Alice in the Vicar of Dibley. A part that when I told my friends were met with comments such as ‘I can see you doing that’ and ‘that part will suit you’! Compliments I’m sure, but it certainly was a role that I took to like a duck to water.

Rehearsals on hold.

Unfortunately, like many things, rehearsals have been postponed until we can safely get shows up and running again, but rest assured Alice is waiting on the surface ready to be released again! 

New to the village? Looking to meet new people? Give us a call on 07914 264965. We are always looking for new members to join our group.

Sarah Wilkinson

Kibworth Theatre co. cast of ‘Allo, allo”