A6: Continuing Traffic Mayhem

Two families were lucky to escape, without apparent injury, a near head on collision on Saturday 7 September. A Mini, heading west, collided with a Mercedes saloon heading east  – on the wrong side of the road – with such force that it took 50 yards for the Mini to stop. A second car with a very young baby in it could not stop and hit the Mercedes; miraculously, the baby and Mother were unhurt. The driver of the Mini was driven away by Police.

This happened adjacent to the Munt, less than 100 yards from where a wall is being rebuilt – for the fourth time – after a recent ‘accident’. Those who know the A6 through Kibworth will say “we told you so”.

LCC Highways’ ‘do nothing’ policy

The decision makers – Leicestershire Highways, Harborough District Council and others will undoubtedly take the same view as of no short term change to ‘current policy’. Not long ago, a LCC Highways official confirmed their “do nothing” policy will only change if there is a fatal accident – his words very nearly prophetic last Saturday.

A bypass will not solve the short term chronic traffic issues, while the live pollution monitoring still records dangerous levels of pollution. In consequence of this, proposals are being formulated to: rework the Wistow Road roundabout to allow 2 lanes of traffic to use it which will also allow HGVs even more room to sweep into Kibworth without braking as they do now; place traffic lights at the Church Road/Marsh drive exits, meaning more static traffic and to build a roundabout at the New Road junction – the latter is admitted to actually increase pollution but the hope is because the houses are set back, no one will be impacted except when the wind blows from the east…

However, Leicestershire Police Traffic enforcement have visited Kibworth last week and now see exactly how traffic impacts Kibworth residents. An undertaking was given to see if random radar gun monitoring of speeding traffic can be done, the possibility of placement of the Camera van for the same reason and also the suggestion that Kibworth should apply for Community Speedwatch training and equipment; the aim is to show what can be done with an open mind and a commitment to take action.

Perhaps most importantly, it was made very clear that the next batch of average speed camera placements is to be decided shortly once the data from the current placements is analysed. Demand will be far greater than supply and swift action is needed from residents, our local Parish and District councillors to make sure the A6 is covered.

Ian Simpson