Editorial Comment – Coronavirus in December

Back in March, before I’d contracted the Coronavirus, I had a holiday booked for the start of June. At the time I was confident that all the Covid-19 disruptions would be over and I could look forward to some sun, sea and sand abroad. How wrong I was!

Here we are nearing the year end and still in the throws of lockdowns and Tier 3 restrictions. We have however the festive hope that an effective vaccine is on its way!

It has been (is) tough ( and very tough for some) but the Chronicle is amazed at how ingenious people and businesses have been in responding creatively to the restrictions put in place and how the community has pulled together to bring help to so many. We have lights, carols, Christmas services, food and our wonderful community spirit.

The Chronicle management team and all of its volunteers (200+) wish you all the very best for Christmas and share our hope for a better 2021.