Covid-19: Will it effect me at 23?

Life can sometimes throw a spanner in the works. My spanner was me and my family testing positive for Covid-19. Hearing about the virus on the news could never prepare me for the last few weeks when I have experienced it first-hand. From what I have learnt, there are four ways people can feel the effects of Covid-19. Nothing, Minor, Serious or Fatal.

The first time I felt the fatal implications of Covid-19 was hearing about someone’s partner at my dad’s workplace, who sadly passed away from the virus. At the time of writing this, cases of the virus in the UK are well over 1 million, with over 45,000 fatalities. Our front line workers save many lives in hospitals. Modern day medication and nursing from the NHS helped my friend’s mother. I thank them for their work.

How Covid-19 affected my family

I remained in the ‘Minor’ section of Covid-19, along with the rest of my family. We all had days of aching, breathing problems, headaches. I had a few days where my throat was so swollen I was struggling to speak. However I am sure my family and friends enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet! We had some more serious incidents in the house, fortunately none that required our emergency services. But it was a worrying time.

Finally, there are those who are asymptomatic, people who do not feel symptoms of Covid-19 but are still able to pass it on. This is why we must distance, wear face masks and sanitise our hands.

Heed my warning. At 23 years of age I did not realise it would affect me, I was wrong. The lockdown is not all doom and gloom. It has given us an opportunity to pause and breath. Whether this be reverting back to board games, developing culinary skills, interacting with friends and family on Zoom calls or playing the likes of ‘Among us’ or ‘Fifa 21’ to pass the time. My choice of downtime includes artwork, reading or running – something I’ve missed during my two week isolation.

My message in this article, is don’t get frustrated at the lack of activity in the next month. I’m not just following the words of Boris, as after catching the virus I would not wish anyone of any age to have it. I’m sure no one finds pleasure in sticking a swab down their throat shortly before sticking it up their nose – something I have had the pleasure of three times, with a lot of gagging each time. Take each day as it comes.

John Williams