Colourful Chronicle: but we still want your Christmas photos!

Thank you for the kind compliments about our colourful Kibworth Chronicle. We, the management committee, are very pleased with them too.

Have you noticed how the adverts are gradually changing their hue as well?

In the past we treated colour as a thing to be used sparingly at Christmas, Easter or when something special was happening. We went blue once but I cannot recall why, was it in spring and bluebells were about? Someone will remember! When we discovered that printing in colour was no more expensive, in fact cheaper, we decided to go for it every month.

A change is as good as a rest” is an old Victorian saying and certainly a change can be restorative. Dismal December is certainly more cheering when the grey clouds part and we see a bit of blue. And, of course, at night the Christmas lights decorating many houses lift the spirits. Outdoor lights have certainly improved recently. What with stars, bells, icicles, Santas and reindeer all twinkling, flashing and leaping, you wonder if they can possibly think of anything else?

Normally in December and often January we print Christmas photos of Christmas Tree Festivals, school Nativity plays, parties and late night shopping.

None this year! They are not happening. But Christmas is!

So this is why we are asking you to send us your colourful Christmas photos to help us create a Joyful January edition which celebrates the season of good will.

They can show any aspect of Christmas from Nativity scenes to Dad in tinsel and paper hat snoozing after lunch, and lots and lots of lights shining out in a time of darkness. Please send them to the

RO (Editorial team)