Unitary status in Leicestershire

Dear Editor

Re County Council Kevin Feltham’s report page 17 last issue

How welcome unitary status in Leicestershire would be.

Instead of:

  • Speed humps we didn’t ask for where we didn’t ask for them and a type we didn’t ask for;
  • Twenty’s Plenty signs a plenty now untidily adorning village lamp posts;
  • No parking cones to widen pavements outside closed businesses;
  • Almost half a year to get jitty trees and brambles trimmed back;
  • Harborough District Council parking monitoring/enforcement when the village is almost empty early afternoons;

We could instead enjoy powers delegated as locally as you can get.

Bring it on, the sooner the better, as long as parish councils are pro-active, preparing now by taking unusual action to deal with these unusual times. One Leicestershire parish I know well (in Blaby district) have the posts filled, trained, insured, and parish led so if a job needs doing – it’s speedily completed – locally – sorted.

Roger Garratt, Kibworth Beauchamp