September’s Editorial

The Kibworth Chronicle is back in print! It is great to visualise people’s pleasure when they see the Chronicle come through their letter box once more. We have had emails and phone calls of thanks from some already.

It is of course the layers up, proof readers and distributors who must be thanked, especially the layers up and proof readers who overcame their concerns about safety and spent a Sunday morning arranging the pages ready for publication.

We of course followed all government guidelines regarding keeping our helpers safe.

The editorial team and advertising team who worked online throughout, including July and August when we usually have a break, and continue to work now but on the printed Chronicle as well, deserve a big vote of thanks for maintaining a Kibworth Chronicle presence.

So many things had to stop because of Covid 19 that it was good that they were prepared to give their time to Online Chronicle.

Some were still working from home yet managing to fit in editing, posting and so on.

It was of course more than a ‘presence’ in that as well as many old contributors, we had new ones as well.

We were also able to publish whole articles and were not restricted by space or being mainly in black and white.

Lovely comments have been received about the colour photos on the recent printed Chronicle, and colour in print is something we want to do more frequently.

Online we are able to include more colourful photos and as those of you who are ‘tech savvy’ will know, links to other websites that may be mentioned by our contributors.

So as you may gather, we are going to continue online as this is how many of you access news. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser extent on LinkedIn.

Lots to do so…

Kibworth Chronicle Online

HELP! Is there anyone of any age who is internet savvy who would like to help us with the Online Chronicle PLEASE.

It might be something a school/college student could help with for experience or Duke of Edinburghs. Do it just for fun and to give a younger input.

It does not mean attending meetings, well maybe a couple now and again via Zoom, training will be given if needed.

We are also looking for someone to help organise distribution of The Kibworth Chronicle in print. This is an organisational job with a team of merry helpers already in situ.

Do get in touch if you would like to help, as you will I guarantee, never feel lonely or friendless again (sad violins playing) Nope, just hassled!

Seriously we are a friendly crowd who welcome new faces, new ideas and a smidgen of muscle power.

What you fit the bill? GET IN TOUCH NOW.

Roslyn Ousey (editorial team)