Thanks to Kibworth Osteopaths

Dear Editor,

I would like to say how much I admire the way Emily Coombes of Kibworth Osteopaths has conducted her business during the pandemic lockdown.

At this challenging time when she has been unable to use her usual premises, she has continued with virtual appointments to support her patients.

She has also filmed Pilates exercises and stretch classes that patients could do at home. These have been particularly useful to me since I have been working at home and my posture at my makeshift desk left a lot to be desired.

Emily however was able to offer plenty of small improvements to help improve my set up.

In addition Emily posts on her Facebook and Instagram pages almost daily sharing useful information and tips to cope when physio and doctors’ appointments were near impossible to come by.

She has also visited emergency patients with things like spinal compression issues at home wearing full PPE. This is obviously a risk but she puts all precautions in place to ensure their safety.

She continues to support self-isolating patients who are afraid to come out. Emily has offered discounts to NHS/Key workers whose bodies often suffer with the effects of being on their feet all day.

Now Lockdown has been lifted I am able to visit Emily in person since she has moved her business to The Manor at Tur Langton. Thanks to the government Covid 19 –Support scheme, she now rents her own self-contained unit where patient safety is easier to control.

I really wanted to highlight Emily as one who throughout this crisis has gone the extra mile and continued to support and work with local people.

Thank you Emily.

A very impressed and satisfied patient.

(Name and address supplied)