Rangers June Update

Throughout lockdown Kibworth Rangers have met weekly on Zoom and continued to complete badges and challenges. We have had lots of fun and have enjoyed getting to see each other. 

We have participated in the Leicestershire LEAP-over (Leicestershire Easter Adventure Party) which involved: writing a letter or drawing a picture for someone we haven’t seen in a while; making a meal; and sleeping somewhere new, for example a tent in the back garden or a blanket fort in the living room. We enjoyed getting to play games with each other and the ability to do something different over Easter even though we were all stuck at home.

On 23 May we also participated in the Adventures at Home Festival in which we got the opportunity to learn about things such as science, technology, and writing in fun and interesting ways, before ending the day with traditional camp fire songs. This was nice as it enabled us to feel more connected to Girl Guiding across the country whilst still being safely in our own homes.

Besides these two events we have also been working on many badges such as the Self-Care Badge in which we had to reflect on how we spend our time, plan some time for ourselves, and spend some time outdoors. This was a good badge to work on as it helped us to make sure that we were looking after ourselves throughout this difficult time.

Overall, throughout the lockdown, we have continued to virtually meet and connect with each other and other members of Girl Guiding, it has enabled us to play games and have fun with each other and given us something to look forward to each week which has been invaluable in the current situation.

Sarah Cleaver