Open Hands

Open Hands is a Leicester based charity, part of the Trinity Live Church located in Upper Tichborne Street, Highfields, (off London Road). Since the Covid-19 crisis was recognised as a pandemic and the effect, detrimentally affecting the welfare of many families, Open Hands, through contact with individuals and families, has a network to hand of the people in need of basic provisions. However, this only works through voluntary contributions.

This is why I am so grateful for the donations of food and money given by you, the people of Kibworth, Mowsley and Smeeton Westerby.

Up to the 6 June, Open Hands has provided 694 food hampers for guests to feed themselves and their families and also 730 hot pie meals (all the pies have been provided gratis by Pukka Pies).

Peoples needs will continue and Open Hands will continue to need your support. So, please don’t stop now, there are hungry mouths out there in Leicester. The box remains beside the pavement at 106 Main street.

Sue Stanford