Kibworth Art Lovers’ Society

Roger and Danièle Bradley described their lives with photography at the November meeting. They have practised photography for many years, and their work has been influenced by early pioneers such as Sir John Herschel (1842) and Anna Atkins (1843). Roger’s family moved to Canada in his early childhood, where he was given his first camera as a reward for finishing his paper round; on his return to England he taught photography. Recurring themes in his work are transport such as shipping and railways. Danièle’s first camera came from her father, and she has featured landscapes and her family many times.

They have a large collection of photographic equipment and props which they use in creating their images. They each studied a part-time Masters degree in photography, and now practise a wide range of techniques using both modern digital methods and some of the earliest processes such as pinhole photography.

Roger and Danièle have written books on photography, and have exhibited at prestigious galleries around the country. Their work on the theme of ‘growing old playfully’ is featured in their current work, and has been seen in the Harborough Artists Cluster displays.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 29 January at 7.30pm in St. Wilfrid’s Church Hall, Kibworth, when Sarah Luke will show us Fused Glass Work. Visitors and new members are welcome.