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Acupuncture Pathways of Energy

20th February 2023 | Health

Traditional acupuncture theories of health or illness are based on the concept of Qi (pronounced chee). There are several translations for the concept of Qi and the ones that resonate with my own perceptions are ‘life force’ and ‘vitality’. The derivation of the word Qi is from Chinese language and philosophy. Similar to our own complex language of English, the context of a word will give you so many different meanings! For example, in Chinese medicine the word “shengqi” can be anger, vitality, mood, sparkle, to sulk.

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Calling Local Businesses...

20th February 2023 | Community, Health

Kibworth station has had a busy start to the year with our appliance being mobilised 21 times during January. Some notable incidents include; a road traffic collision on the A6 (Great Glen) roundabout, domestic property fire, car fire and a chimney fire.

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Look After Your Mind - Sound Thinking

25th January 2023 | Health

The word meditate comes from the Latin meaning to concentrate or to ponder. One of the most familiar ways to meditate is to concentrate on an object ,often a candle flame, then close your eyes and visualise the same object in your mind.

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Henry Smith + Hamylton, Market Harborough

25th January 2023 | Business, Health

Having an opening evening on a cold rainy night in mid-November might not seem like the ideal scenario for a successful event. However, the warm glow of our beautiful bow fronted practice defied all odds and the soggy street was soon forgotten.

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Fitness Box's New Year Fitness Regime 

24th January 2023 | Business, Health

With the New Year upon us many of us will be embarking on a new and improved health and fitness regime. The New Year tends to bring New Year’s resolutions and more motivation to hit the gym and improve our eating habits. This is great but how long does it last? With most New Year’s resolutions over before the third week of January you may have already given up by the time you read this. If this is you then The Fitness Box is here to help!

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Heart Research UK

23rd January 2023 | Health

During the winter months the risk of having a heart attack or stroke increases. It is important to know what the risks are and to put measures in place to ensure you and your family stay safe. A drop in environmental temperature reduces your body temperature. This means the heart must work harder to keep you warm which increases your heart rate. In addition, in cold weather, blood vessels contract to minimise heat loss, which increases blood pressure. While this is a natural process, it can be a cause for concern in those who are more vulnerable. For example adults over 65, those with long-term health conditions and those who are overweight and live less healthy lifestyles.

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Kerry Acupuncture Winter Tips
Getting out in the winter

Kerry Acupuncture

23rd January 2023 | Business, Health

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine has understood the power of the seasons for at least two thousand years. As a Five Element acupuncturist such understanding is a fascinating part of my job. Understanding the influence of the season, the body constitution and how to harmonise the body and mind is key.

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