What’s Going On? May 2024

Beautifying Kibworth Beauchamp

Stable Wall

Stable wall on High Street, Kibworth

Pleasing to see the wall of the stable block at the Manor House having some tender loving care. It has looked very crumbly lately. I quite like it without the rendering but there is an awful lot of repointing required to make it look attractive again.

Planning Application Approved

It is noted that the house between The Railway Arms and the Old School Surgery is to be demolished and ten dwellings will be built on this site and its extensive plot to include 6 one-bedroom houses and 4 bungalows. This application was approved on Wednesday 1 May. See 22/00814/FUL.

Pharmacy Improvements

Also along the same road, Station Street, the Pharmacy frontage is to undergo a complete facelift.

Adult Sandcastle

Groundworks at Kibworth Skate Park

The Parish Council asked the Network Rail contractors to take away the piles of earth left in the middle of the recreation ground following the installation of the Skatepark. The Skatepark was usable from last December however the ground has been unfit for vehicles to drive across it until now. The Railway contractors dubbed it an “adult sandcastle” – whatever that means.