Stepping Into Spring

(with your best shoes on)

Osteopaths prioritise holistic care from head to toe. Transitioning to lighter footwear is imminent. While stylish shoes may tempt, they might not cater to foot health, especially if feet are sore or injured.
Shoe inspection reveals walking patterns and fit issues, which are crucial for foot health. Each foot is unique, but all are biomechanical wonders deserving proper care. Ill-fitting shoes can cause widespread body issues, from foot pain to backache.

Wearing the wrong trainers on your feet for sports can predispose you to injury. Those aesthetically pleasing kicks may not be feet-pleasing – so choose what suits your feet, not your eyes! A word on barefoot trainers for running: If you want to try them, build them up slowly. Decrease your distance and get used to them before you start racking up the miles. Proper fitting is essential for sports shoes to prevent injuries.

High heels strain muscles and joints, leading to pain. This, in turn, can cause lower back pain as the joints can sit closer together. Even sitting whilst wearing heels causes the calf muscles and Achilles tendon to shorten, which can lead to ankle dysfunction.

Practicality should guide footwear choices for different occasions. Choose wisely to support foot health.
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Emily Coombes, Registered Osteopath (7416)