Police & Crime Commissioner Results

Police Crime Commissioner Results re=election news

You may, or may not, know the results of the recent vote for the Leicestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner which took place on Thursday 2 May.

The results are below:-

  • Rupert Matthews received 62,280 votes.
  • Rory Palmer received 61,240 votes.
  • Aasiya Bora received 23,649 votes
  • Ian Robert Sharpe received 22,041 votes
  • Fizza Askari received 7,104 votes.

Accordingly Rupert Oliver Matthews was elected Leicestershire’s PCC.

You may be interested to know The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire has a website which shows:

  • The PCC salary is £78,400 per annum (pa)
  • His deputy, Rani Mahal, is paid £58,800 pa.
  • The Chief Executive, Claire Trewartha, is paid £90,000 pa
  • Chief Finance Officer, Kira Hughes. £80,270 – £86,485 pa.
  • Director of Violence Reduction Network, Grace Strong, £68,244 – £77,751 pa.
  • Director of Governance and Performance, Lizzie Starr, £68,244 – £77,751 pa.
  • Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Commissioning, Siobhan Peters, also £68,244 – £77,751 pa.

Astonishingly the minimum outgoings for this Office is £518,117 per year. This is paid for out of the Police ‘precept’ component of your local council tax.

The positions of The Police and Crime Commissioner were created in 2011 by an act of Parliament: The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 and as such it replaced the former Police Authority.