Police Advice – Walk Away

Violence in the night-time economy can have devastating consequences. ‘One-punch’ encounters can result in serious injuries and even death. In the past year, crime data shows that there have been 40 near-miss homicides in Leicester City Centre between 10pm-4am. Of the identified suspects/offenders, 61% were aged 18-30 years old and 86% were male.

We surveyed 30 people aged between 18-34 and 60% told us that they would be positively motivated to change their behaviour to keep their mates safe. They also told us that they wanted to know ‘how to keep their mates safe’.

We want to empower men to look out for the early behaviours in themselves and their friends, which might lead to altercations.

We want to encourage peer groups to support each other in making different choices and encourage individuals to recognise those personal trigger points.

Make the right choice.

Walk Away